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Top 5 ways to market your blog

Sep 16, 2015 18:20

Football – A sport that has fascinated the world in a manner where more than half the world is associated with the sport. Be it a player or a manager or a fan, everyone wants to be connected and be one with the beautiful game. We have a basic need to connect with other individuals and blogging is the current generation’s way of communicating with the others around them in the cyber-world. They can connect with internet users from all around the world and have the access to their blogs. This way of communication has reduced physical barriers and has ensured that users from different blogs, opinions, thought processes are able to communicate without many efforts. Most amateur sports bloggers make some basic mistakes which cause a drop in the number of views that their blog receives. One often wonders “how do I get more traffic for my blog?” or “how do I go ahead with online marketing?” A little appreciation or interaction with the readers goes a long way to boost the morale of the blogger. It can be changed with the way one writes a blog. Here are a few ways by which we can get market our blogs online or on blogging sites:

Giving It The A/V Edge

Addition of audio and video files where you can voice your opinion/give information, is a more interesting read than simple text. Research shows that we are able to enjoy/learn as well as we are inclined towards audio visual aids and we can always use this to give our blog an edge over the other blogs. Doing so, we are able to spread the message in a clearer manner. Currently trending manner of using GIF’s and other graphic methods of representation is likely to grab the attention of the user for a longer duration, in some cases it may even attract more viewers, depending upon the use. There are lesser chances of misinterpretation of the combination Video and text or Audio and text or an image and text, as compared to plain text.

Structure your flow

A proper structure or a manner of writing makes it easier for the user to maintain a flow while making it an easier read which ultimately provides the viewer an enjoyable experience. A proper beginning, addition of a few facts and figures with the body of the content as well as crisp conclusion towards the end, would not only help you become a better writer but also ensure that you’re getting more viewers.

Begin with a clever and a well written title, after which, you can add a beginning which will cover all aspects or give a good background to the main content. A good background will help a blogger in building up towards the body of the blog. The main content needs to be interesting, accurate, laced with a/v aids as well as facts and figures. A conclusion needs to be crisp and a summary of all that was mentioned in the article needs to a part of the conclusion.

Audience Specific Content

Making precise content means you are not only delivering the right message with minimum energy, but also ensuring that the reader is not confused about the aim of the article. A generic beginning to a target specific article works well. All deviations shall be removed as they reduce the interest of the reader. The goal is to ensure that the blog is able to get the writers point across. This means the reader will stay glued to the blog till the end. Ex. Putting relevant facts about

Invest efforts in Media

Sharing your work with friends on your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter will boost the number of visitors and views on your blog. Bloggers can take help from these sites and with the help of their network they will be able to connect with members who are interested in the same topic. Interactions become easier and bloggers would be able to not only put their point across but a nicely written article can get the appreciation it needs to boost the morale of the writer. In that manner, the blogger gets an honest opinion from those whom he is acquainted with if not in direct contact with.

There are sites which are blog specific in nature and the user is able to interact with those who are interested and have some knowledge about the same. offers us this and it provides a platform which not only lets them interact with football fans across the world but also gives it a personalised touch which will help the blogger grow. We can also tap into the viral community (Reddit) and post the link of the blog there to get more views on our blog.

Don’t discard age old key words

Adding keywords that can be obtained from sites like Keyword Discovery, WordTracker, SitePoint, SEOBook Keyword Research one can search for keywords to use in the article to help them get a better Search page ranking. Most users do not go beyond the third or fourth page of their search engine while looking for any selective topic and having a better Search Page Ranking definitely ensures more hits on the blog. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most easy-to-use powerful tools that the user can use to market his blog online and increase his reach. Learning this does not take time, one can easily look at a tutorial and there are free SEO’s available to help one understand how to use one.

By following the above mentioned points it will become easier for any blogger to get hits on his blog. The main objective of a blog is to convey the point made by the writer in the easiest possible way to understand. Bloggers are a plenty and even the good blogs are in the range of thousands now. What really differentiates the best blogs and successful sites is the complete package – the quality of content and the presentation. The best achievement for any writer is not the money he earns but the appreciation from the target community. To achieve this in the internet age, one needs to go beyond the conventional methods.

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