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Remember the name: Eden Hazard

Jan 07, 2015 16:58

Remember the name: Eden Hazard

It is Eden's Birthday today, We at TFM wish him a very happy birthday!

In just a short while, this footballer has been compared to the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. His skills on the football ground have all the pundits drooling. Who is Eden Hazard? Let’s find out:

10) Belgium’s Best?

Eden Hazard is part of the new ‘Golden Generation’ of Belgian football- a collection of highly talented youngsters, most of whom are playing in some of the top clubs in Europe. With that being said, Eden’s playmaking abilities makes him one of the most important assets in a team that boasts some remarkable talent. In fact, some people would argue that Hazard’s time to shine isn’t even here yet, and that his best achievements will be accomplished with this remarkable Belgian side. Now that Adnan Januzaj has been confirmed to play for Belgium, Hazard and company (or should we say, Kompany) are likely to make a mockery out of any defence.

10 things you should know about Eden hazard

9) ‘He Knew Everything’

Eden Hazard was a child prodigy, showing exemplary skill and understanding of the game from a very young age. At the tender age of four, he was already playing for his local club Royal Stade Brainois, where he honed his skills for eight years. His family stayed very close to the football ground, so Eden and his brothers would sneak in through a small hole whenever they wanted to play. One of his youth coaches noticed his talents and said of him, “He knew everything. I had nothing to teach him”.

8) Eden’s Dad is NOT a popstar

When Eden Hazard came to prominence, a lot of people believed that he was the son of 90s French pop star, Thierry Hazard. However, that is far from the truth. In a strange coincidence, Hazard’s real father’s name is also Thierry, but he is a former footballer. In fact, the pop star Thierry Hazard’s real name is Thierry Gesteau, and the relationship was probably suggested due to Eden Hazard having played in French club Lille before he moved to Chelsea. While Eden Hazard continues to make waves, the musician faded from the limelight after a brief period of fame, but we’re guessing his association with the Belgian footballer must have boosted sales of his back catalogue.

7) Papa Hazard

We all know that in order to enjoy a prolonged successful career in football today, one’s best bet would be to start young, and so was the case with Eden Hazard. Like quite a few other young footballers today, Hazard is also a young father, having his first child with his wife Natasha at the age of 19. If all goes well, don’t be surprised if one day you see an aged Eden Hazard playing for his country with little Yannis Hazard making his debut. Eden and Natasha had another son, Leo in February 2013.

6) Took Three Years to Score for Belgium

Despite Eden Hazard’s immense talent, his journey with the Belgian team started off on a rocky note. He made his highly anticipated debut for Belgium in 2008, as a 17 year old. However, due to constant changes in management, Hazard often found himself being relegated to the substitute’s bench, struggling to find a permanent place in the starting eleven. He was also accused of not having a dedicated work ethic and being reluctant to come back and help the defence when he was playing. All these factors meant that Hazard spent quite a while on the sidelines, until the Belgian side started putting more emphasis on youth under new management. Finally, he scored his first goal for his country against Kazakhstan in a Euro 2012 qualifier, nearly three years after his debut.

5) The Burgergate Scandal

During the time that Hazard was struggling to find a permanent place in the Belgian side, he was involved in a rather scandalous, albeit funny incident. In a match against Turkey in 2011, Hazard was substituted after 60 minutes following a lacklustre performance. Fuming, he refused to stay in the stadium to watch the team finish the match, and was caught by television cameras soon after, eating a burger outside the stadium while Belgium and Turkey played inside. He was severely reprimanded for his actions, and has since apologized.

4) Could Have Played for France

Before he made his debut for Belgium, Eden Hazard’s services were sought by France. Having played in French club Lille for seven years, he was eligible to represent Les Blues in international competition. However, he declined the request, opting to stay true to his roots. He said, “Because of my presence in France for seven years, I feel 99% Belgian and 1% French, but the idea of French citizenship has never crossed my mind”. When you think about it, he would also have faced stiff competition for the playmaker’s position from the likes of Ribery, ‘Franckly’ speaking.

3) Occupational Hazard

Sometimes, footballers lose their cool in the heat of the moment and end up doing something stupid (read: Eric Cantona’s epic flying kick on a fan in the stands. That really was epic). We’re assuming it’s the price footballers pay for playing at the highest level and having a lot of pressure on their shoulders. Eden Hazard has also seen that side of football, while Chelsea trailed in a match against Swansea City. A Swansea City ball boy lay down on the ball, evidently in an attempt to waste time as his team held a precious lead. While Hazard tried to pry the ball out of his hands at first, he lost his cool and ended up kicking the boy, which led to his sending off. Chelsea ended up losing by two goals, and Hazard admitted later that he had apologized to the boy, who had apologized back.

2) Who is better? Thorgan or Eden?

Eden isn’t the only Hazard in world football today. In fact, he isn’t even the only Hazard that Chelsea can boast of. His younger brother Thorgan is currently signed on by Chelsea and is on loan to Belgian club SV Zulte-Waregam. Thorgan has been quick to impress, scoring a few spectacular goals and becoming the official Best Player of the Belgian Pro League in 2014. His presence was so immense, that the 21 year old was actually made captain of the club, despite being on loan, an offer which he turned down within twenty four hours. With the transfer market looming, there is talk of him joining his brother in Chelsea, but can the younger Hazard possibly outshine his superstar brother? You be the judge.

1) Zidane Recommended Hazard for Real Madrid

As far as accolades are concerned in the football world, it really doesn’t get better than this. Before Hazard settled on Chelsea as the club he wanted to play for, there was widespread interest from the likes of Arsenal, Manchester United, Inter Milan, Barcelona and Real Madrid, to whom football legend Zinedine Zidane personally recommended Hazard. The fact that one of the greatest players of all time vouches for you to one of the biggest clubs of all time is testament to the sheer talent of this young player. In August 2010, Zidane had this to say about a 19 year old Hazard- “Eden is technically gifted and very fast. He will be a major star in the future. I would take him to Real Madrid with my eyes closed.” Enough said.

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