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Interview with Tanvie Hans

Aug 24, 2015 20:34

In an exclusive chat with the Football Mind, Tanvie Hans talks about her career, the experience of playing abroad and her future career plans.

It's been more than 2 years since you've played at Spurs. What is experience there uptill now?

Well, as you can imagine it's a leap from the level I used to play at In Delhi. I learned a lot of things within my first couple of weeks itself. Started to notice some very basic mistakes I was making on the field. And yes I think I have just grown a lot as a player. And that's exactly what I wanted.

At What level did you play for Spurs. And how is the acceptance of Women's football in England.

I don't play for Spurs anymore. The first team played at the Premier League level (which is the 3rd tier level of women's football here). I played 2 seasons with Spurs, 1st season I was a 2nd team player, and 2nd season there was a massive influx of payers from other clubs and the academy and a lot of the 2nd team girls moved down to the 3rd team including myself.

Well, it of course does not compare to the men's euphoria. Women are not even paid as much. But it's really growing now. They already have a very strong club and academy system throughout the country, and after the national team's performance in the world cup, the support has increased a lot.

What is your next step?

Yes of course, like I said I've improved a lot as a player. I signed with Fulham Ladies just last week.

My aim of coming here was to become a better player and perhaps the best I can be. So that hasn't changed. I've changed clubs, because I want to try different environments.

I hope to soak in as much as I can and for as long as I can. Eventually I would like to go back to India with all that I have learnt, and help women's football there.

What kind of changes have noticed at Fulham? Tell us some things you currently need in your training that are keys to your success?

Firstly Fulham ladies is a brand new team and are only 1 season old, so like any new team they're starting at quite a low league. I know the competitive league wont be as tough as with Spurs, but I consider this a great opportunity to be a part of the growth of a club over the years. The management, coaching and professionality is very impressive at Fulham. I am sure they'll move up over time, and I would love to be a part of that.

As of now, I am a 2nd team player. But I will make sure that changes soon!

What was your biggest challenge, and what did you do to overcome those challenges?

I think my biggest challenge has always been in the fact that I cannot play for India because of my passport. But, on the flipside it is because of this that I came away to London to play and ended up being the first Indian (of many i hope) to play in England.

My biggest challenge here is the fact that I don't have the football grooming that the girls have had here since the age of 8/9 when they get scouted.

I soon realised, and so did the coaches that I am fast and fit and technically good, but my decision making was not always the best on the field. That's because I can train my body as much as possible to be athletic, but I need match practice. Lots and lots of match pratice, which I didn't get on a regular basis in India, as there are no leagues and not enough tournaments through the year.

Whereas the girls here start playing competitively at the age of 8/9, they play every week in their acadamies, and finally when they're 16 they're ready to move up to the senior squad.

So even though I'm 25 now, I was 23/24 back then, I was competing with girls who were 16/17/18. The ability I am only just gaining at this age, the girls at 16/17 are already groomed for. 

But yes, in 2 seasons I can see a whole lot of difference and improvement in myself.

Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

A couple I guess: Don't ever lose sight of your goal and Trust your journey.

Basically, put your head down focus on why you're here, work towards that and trust that everything else will fall into place; success will follow.

I really like quotes. I post inspirational quotes sometimes on my page ( My room wall is full of quotes here in London.

Sometimes I watch Messi videos before a game or training. He can do anything with the ball! And that inspires me. I know it's not even sane to compare, but I feel if he can do it, I can do it! Lol..

I do need to remind myself sometimes to 'enjoy'. One can easily start taking it too seriously, and thats where the mess ups happen.

Seeing him play reminds me how much I love the game and want to excel in it.

Apart from playing professionally, what else do you do?

I work during the day in customer services for Decathlon. Aditi Chauhan and I actually work together.

Could you comment on the state of Indian Women's football and Indian football in general?

It lacks basic infrastructure. There is no national level league. There are hardly ay facilties, and the one's we have are not even close to world class. I think having a league would solve a lot. It'll get the ball rolling. As of now, even the national team only engages in competitive football and trainnig for a total of 5-6 months a year if they're lucky. Which is not at all enough.

What kind of change in overall game strategy have you witnessed or had to adjust to at Fulham?

I think they're a lot more tactical. They like including the players in decisions. The managers communicate a lot with us, which is really helpful.

What would be your ultimate achievement?

And anything else would you like to share with us. Both at personal and at professional level.

My ultimate achievement would be to be a 1st 11 player for my club. A top club. And to hopefully play for India one day, when they change the passport rules. Would like to be a 1st 11. Basically just want to be the best player I can be.

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