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8 Most Important Points While Organizing Football Tournament

Sep 15, 2015 08:43

Organising a football tournament is more difficult than putting together tournaments in most other sports, and when you consider putting together a football tournament in a country like India it obviously takes a mammoth task. The game which is still to reach it's peak popularity with the countries National team sitting 155th on the world ranking it takes a whole lot of convincing and running about to complete permission process which has to be taken to organize a professional tournament. Not only that, there is another aspect where you are still get in the major part of any tournament - i.e getting sponsors. But it's not all grey for Indian footballers and enthusiasts as the interest has picked up thanks to many new self styled tournaments and websites which report on local football tournaments. We now look into the most important aspects of hosting a football tournament. 

1) The Pre-Tournament Registrations:
Register the teams you would like to participate in your football tournament for that the best and the most easiest way is to register via websites like " " who help get your team virtually registered without any hassle free and avoiding the teams to go and travel all the way to the venue or any other place to pay the organizers. And as for the number of teams per tournament it is best to have four, eight, 16 or 32 teams, so that you can have a basic tournament in which every team plays the same number of games. These numbers also work best for a tournament in which the losing teams are eliminated.

2) The Player Transfers:

Transfers is a very exciting and a important aspect of any tournament be it be the Barclay's Premier League or any local league, the transfer is what makes the game interesting and more competitive. Everyone know that the modern day football is all about the money and all the owners see it as a business the transfers taking place are almost as important for an business man who'd invest in a company. And to keep everyone up with the transfers, social media and football websites help know all the latest updates.

3) The Schedule:
Schedule the dates for your tournament based on the number of teams and players you have signed up. If you have the appropriate number of teams for a basic tournament, schedule your rounds a week apart to give players time to heal from any injuries and practice for the next round.

4) The Ground Planning & Permission: The most important thing for any tournament is the playing ground and for that you need to secure the space you need to run your tournament. Try to reserve a field or two at your local park for free or any commercial area where you could pay the rent. If you have to rent space, consider charging a fee to your registrants or compute that cost into the fee you planned to charge.

5) Referees:

We suggest you to hire a set of referees for each game. Because you are paying each set of officials by the hour or by the game, your total cost will be the same as that for hiring one set of referees for all games and will also keep the referees fit mentally as well as physically when they get breaks between the games.

6) Medical Facilities:

Always have an emergency medical crew for each game if you're having a football tournament. You will have to pay for this service and schedule it well in advance of your game dates.

7) The Essentials:

The playing field available at your disposal, you'll have you start working on placing the goal posts, marking the boundary lines, the 'D' box's. Get footballs, the area markers and pylons or cones. Another important thing that people do generally tend to miss out on are the water bottles. The organizers must make clean drinking water available for the players and the team members.

8) The Final Reminders:

Alert your registrants of the time slots for their first-round games, and tell them when their subsequent games will be so that they can plan ahead.

All of these or at least most of the above mentioned things can easily be done using a simple access to internet these with websites also providing live coverages to the game and keeping the audience informed about the scoreline. All this can be done sitting at home with a basic google account which helps you create a world of possibilities.And we at the football mind are striving to do so, as we bring the footballing community together on one single platform.

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